Overheard after Plow United’s set at Riot Fest (thanks, Jill!):

“I don’t understand! Where the fuck was I in the 90s that I did not know about this band?”

“I don’t understand how I’ve never heard of them before!!!  What the hell kind of 90s punk was I??!?!”

“I kind of feel like I suck for not knowing about them before now.”

“OH MY GOD! Why??!!? Why didn’t I know about this band?!?!?!”

“Okay, so I need to go buy ALL of their music.”


12 Responses to Reviews(ish)

  1. JP says:

    One time I met a guy in Virginia that was talking about West Chester. His band had spent a few weeks there recording a split. He was going on about the scene and talking about the kids and looked at me said “…and all of them are obsessed with this band called, “Plow United?”

  2. jill says:

    The other thing I overheard were lots and lots of people singing all the words to your songs. Such an amazing event! I’m so glad I was there.

  3. Brian says:

    I’ve never heard of Plow United until Riot Fest! I instantly became a fan and tracked down all 3 Creep CD’s! (The Blackout remixes aren’t bad either!).. But I wonder why I never even heard of Plow United?! I’m from Wilkes-Barre.. I’m 25.. I started going to local shows around ’00.. Which wasn’t THAT long ago, but I listened to a lot of Digger, Bigwig, Punchline.. You think I’d catch on sooner or later. I’ve always known about Weston, but never bothered checking them out until AFTER Riot Fest ha! but I’m glad you guys are back and I look foward to seeing you live again. (Singing along this time of course!)

  4. Josh says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that Riotfest at sunset was fantastic. Not sure if you are aware but you have a rather large following up here in in Northwest PA. Emporium/St. Mary’s area to be exact. A bunch of us actually made the trip down to Riotfest. We all have made the unfortunate turn towards being adults and not attending shows as much as we would like. The last show I attended prior to Riotfest was Weston’s reunion show on New Years Eve 2006 (which I am sure you are aware was epic). I know I have wrote more than most for a comment but I thought you would enjoy a little story. We all grew up listening to Plow and Weston so it was only expected that we all started bands of our own. Well a few of my best friends had a band called Project Reconnect (actually had a really big part up here in the North) but they would sometimes do a cover of “Spindle” (of course) because EVERYONE up here were Plow freaks. The only problem with them doing the cover was that the lead singer of the band (at the time they were all about 16 or 17 yrs old) was not allowed to swear. His mom was a die-hard holy roller and would attend just about every show as she supported the scene. So obviously Spindle has a curse or two in it so it was kind of tradition for them to bring people up on stage and Tim the lead singer would sing the song like normal but when it got to “If I could treat you like ______” the people they brought on stage would fill in the “SHIT”. It was always a great time and we all thank you for the introduction to playing fast and loud! Well anyway, I thought you would enjoy that. Thank you for Riotfest. It goes down with the Weston Reunion show as the two times since I had to grow up I could be a kid again.”

    • Hi Josh!

      Ah, Emporium and St. Mary’s…those are some good memories there. Driving what seemed like thousands of miles to play a show for the coolest kids ever. Great times, forever remembered. Wow…what a blast. You all were awesome to have at shows.

      That’s a fantastic story about Spindle! Had we known that it would be as cult popular as it got, maybe we would’ve made it more G – rated (nah).

      We’re so glad you were able to get to RF. Talk about emotional, man. I don’t think any of the three of us were ready for that one. We knew it would be cool, but wow…we’re looking forward to doing it again on NYE. Any chance you’ll be coming down to WC for the evening?


      • Josh says:

        There is a chance! But not quite sure yet. Have some family stuff on the wife’s side I may not be able to get out of. LOL. But yeah RF was incredible. As much as I love a lot of the other bands that played and as thankful as I am to have been able to see “X” play, the real reason we came was to see you guys. We would not have come if you guys weren’t playing. So not only was it insanely awesome to see you guys play again, but it opened the door to see a lot of other bands we wouldn’t have seen in awhile or ever for that matter. Trust me, the Empo/St. Mary’s scene thanks you immensely.

      • And we are forever indebted to the NPA crowd. In fact, I feel a comic coming on…

  5. Josh says:

    Can’t wait!

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