How Fast are they Now?

I think one of the things I was concerned about when we started thinking about this reactivation was our (in particular, my) speed.  We seemed to always be known as the guys who played a million miles an hour.  Indeed, our first practice back (9.23.11) showed that, perhaps, I had lost a little air in the bellows.

So, I decided to test it.  Check this out:

Taking some random samples of tempos (in cut time, and thanks to Rich), I found the following (95% CI for average BPM):

Studio : (208, 213)
Live ’96: (235, 240)
Live ’11: (232, 237)

This shows that we’re much faster than the studio tempo live, but not significantly slower in 2011 than in 1996, since the BPM readings lie within each others’ margins of error.

What does this mean?  Well, pretty much that Plow United still gets me pretty wound up, even after all these years.



2 Responses to How Fast are they Now?

  1. George Dunda says:

    Faster than poop through a goose.

  2. Funny…that was EXACTLY the model speed I was shooting for!

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