Blast from the Past.

While sorting out the shop last weekend, I happened upon my trusty Camelbak M.U.L.E., adorned with two of my old patches.  The top one provided me with a few minutes of nostalgic entertainment while recalled when I picked it up:

Setting: a show in NJ in late ’94/early ’95.  Plow is opening for Shades Apart, the Bouncing Souls, and a band with an aMAzing drummer who sounds like a cross between Dave Grohl and Stewart Copland.  Plow has just finished their set, Sean is manning the Plow merch table, and he leans over to the Souls’ merch girl.

Sean (shouting over SA’s set): “Hi!  How much for a patch?”

Merch Girl: “They’re free!”

Sean:  “Three?”

Merch Girl: “Free!”

Sean (thinking it’s strange that a patch costs as much as a 7“): “Oh!  OK!”

(Sean reaches for his wallet, can’t find it right away, then locates it.  He fishes $3 out of it, then taps the girl on the shoulder)

Sean: “Here you go!”

Merch Girl: “What’s this for?”

Sean: “The patch!”

Merch Girl: “They’re free!”

Sean: “Right!  Here you go!”

After about 45 more seconds or so, Sean understands what the hell she’s saying, and sheepishly accepts the FREE patch, which he proudly wears to this day when trail riding.  For the rest of that night, however, he thought, for sure, that the Bouncing Souls’ merch girl though he was the biggest idiot in Central Jersey, and it would somehow ruin any shot of us ever sharing a stage with them again.

* * * * *

Why do I remember this stuff?  Who knows (I also remember that was the night we ended “You Are Here” with “Pour Some Sugar On Me”).



About Sean from Plow

I'm old and still think I can play fast.
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3 Responses to Blast from the Past.

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  2. veganboyjosh says:

    what’s the road sign patch from? i SWEAR that’s familiar. (i don’t have a matching one, unfortunately.)

    • Hey man! Sorry for the slow reply.

      It’s the “Skids” brand. Remember them?


      They were kinda like pajamas and shorts at the same time (but not a particularly good example of either).

      But, they had a GREAT logo.

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