A worthy successor.

Some of you (drummers, especially) may remember the sadness I felt when I broke my beloved 22″ Zildjian A ride.  It was a part of my drumming, as much as my Tommy Lee ripoff fills and my “wind up and hit it like you mean it” attack.  She was with me from day one, back in 1989, and, up until her untimely death late last year, I thought she’d be the only cymbal I could never break.

I was in Eugene with Necktie Killer when she broke, so I went to a local shop and picked up a used 20″ Sabian something – or – other.  It’s fine.  But just that…fine.  It’s got a tiny bell that just doesn’t have that 80’s attack that the oversized bell on the Zildjian had.  It rides fairly, and washes OK…but it was lacking something.

Well, I think we may have found a wonderful replacement for the Zildjian.  Much like the Sabian was Brad Gillis, this new piece of art is Zakk Wylde.  I am the proud owner of a used 20″ Paiste RUDE Power Ride.  Yep, that’s right…this thing weighs a ton, is thick as a dinnerplate, and has a bell the size of a small hihat.  The ping is unreal.

It’s gonna be obnoxious, folks.  I can not WAIT to try this (from the line of cymbals that “were inspired by the revolution of punk and metal during the late 1970s“) out next week.  Ever since I saw Stewart with these things, I’ve wanted one.  Justin of Flatfoot 56 let me use his in February, and it reawakened the desire.

 Who’s gonna be there at the FUC show to hear this beast?


About Sean from Plow

I'm old and still think I can play fast.
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2 Responses to A worthy successor.

  1. Jym says:

    I wasn’t all that excited about the FUC show, but knowing that I get to hear a new used cymbal, well, now my left nipple is beaming and ol’ righty is as half beam. Consider this your warning!

  2. If I tell you that I’ll have two new used crashes, will that bring rightly up, too?

    Warned…and stoked!

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