Some old MRR reviews…

Back in the day, it was  big deal to get reviewed in Maximum Rock n’ Roll.  Maybe it still is.  Anywho, I was cleaning off the bookshelves, and these fell out of an old Plow binder:

Unremarkable, unmemorable, almost – catchy…yup.  That’s us in a nutshell.



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I'm old and still think I can play fast.
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4 Responses to Some old MRR reviews…

  1. veganboyjosh says:

    I still remember the scene report where I first heard about you guys. there was a picture of a band called Mold and the person writing the review pointed out that Mold upside down is Plow.

    Any idea what ever happened to the non-United Plow?

    Also, any info on Power Of IV that you have i’d gladly read. I mentioned this on facebook, and was referred to you. I’ve got the LP, but i guess there’s another album that was recorded but never released? What i gotta do to hear those songs?

    Thanks. Love the blog. I hope it continues.


    • Hey Josh! Glad you like the blog. I’m kinda new at it, so I appreciate any and all feedback. I’ll keep it running as long as a) I can, and b) it’s not sucky.

      Try this to download “album #2”:

      A couple of those songs were actually going to be Plow songs (it takes me a loooooooooooooooooooooong time to write a song, and., even though I had started them during the Plow days, they remained unfinished for a few years after). And now, they will be! Pretty stoked!

      If that link doesn’t work, this one should:

      Pretty cool…all the members of Power of IV (both guitarists, both bassists, and me) were at RF!

      Talk soon!

      Love, Sean

  2. Justin says:

    Also, the band Wally put out a cassette called Mold because of the upside down plow thing (i think). Wally was ex-Tallman, especially at that time because Catherine was still in the band.

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